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How Luxury Brands React to Streetwear

How Luxury Brands React to Streetwear - ANTHONIA -

How Luxury Brands React to Streetwear

Luxury brands start new iconic fashion trends with their exclusive range of designer items, modeled in unconventional ways to attract their high-class audience. They are constantly looking for the latest trends and newest demands in the fashion industry and redefining them in more innovative ways.
As the fashion standards are always evolving, these luxury brands want to stay on top of these changes to keep their audience's attention. An upcoming look among the urban youth is streetwear, and these brands have a keen eye set on them.
What is Streetwear?
Streetwear is a style of clothing that is considered to be casual and comfortable. It is preferred by the urban youth, which includes oversized clothing, sneakers, graphic T-shirts, etc.
This is considered a cool look, with hip-hop culture and other famous artists adorning these funky yet stylish looks.
Luxury brands gain interest
The luxury fashion brands awoke with a frenzy to seek out this look and put their name and price tag on it. Since streetwear is also considered to be unique, limited collections are springing forth with huge prices.
Yet, the customers are excited to get their hands on these limited-edition clothing items and are willing to pour their sweat, blood, and tears into doing anything they can to get these highly demanded items.
These brands know their audience - they have a high purchasing power and a keen sense of urban fashion. This is the perfect mix to fuel the fashion industry and satiate the hunger for such unique clothing items.
Updates in brand imaging
As streetwear is gaining more popularity, luxury fashion brands realized that their brand images might need some changing - or updating.
Conventionally, luxury fashion brands catered to mature audiences with elegant fashion tastes. However, as the generation changes and now the millennials are entering the age where they have more disposable income, these brand images need to be redefined.
This caused them to cater to a more youthful audience, where luxury fashion brands collaborate with streetwear and bring forth very attractive limited collections.
Some examples of this are Louis Vuitton and Off-White. Balenciaga has also made these changes to their style, which can be seen in their sneakers collections.
The role of social media
It would be no secret that social media has caused streetwear to blow up as much as it has. Different artists and influencers on various social media platforms can be seen with this streetwear aesthetic, which is then being followed by the youth.
When these looks have a higher probability of going viral due to all of these new creators and influencers on social media, it is no surprise that luxury fashion brands decided to jump into this goldmine of a market.
A recent collaboration would be the Gucci x 100 Thieves collection, where a famous luxury fashion brand collaborates with an upcoming band. Their marketing campaign includes famous streamers and influencers such as Valkyrae adorning their new streetwear looks.
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